World Premieres

Since Damian Woetzel stepped into the role of Artistic Director in 2007, the Festival has made the creation of new works a priority. Launched in 2011, the NOW: Premieres program – an evening devoted to world premieres – brings new works to life, nurtures emerging talent and fosters collaboration among artists from diverse backgrounds.

“It’s an evening that inspires enthusiastic anticipation and delivers rich rewards.” –The New York Times


PerformanceDateChoreography By
Release My Heart8.4.07Ron K. Brown
The Orchard8.4.07Damian Woetzel
(Preview) Fool’s Paradise8.11.07Christopher Wheeldon
Prokofiev Pas de Deux8.11.07Christopher Wheeldon
Vicissitudes8.11.07Edwaard Liang
Song V7.27.08Bulareyaung Pagarlava
Solitude In Numbers8.4.10Sang Jijia
Fandango8.6.10Alexei Ratmansky
Rock Steady8.6.10Larry Keigwin (w/Ashley Browne, Aaron Carr)
Romper El Piso8.8.10Natalia Hills
Archetypes8.8.11Emery LeCrone
Shoe Wither Revival8.8.11Richard Siegal
The Music’s Coming Through Me8.8.11New Styles Krew
Gravity Heros8.8.11Trey McIntyre
Switch Phase8.6.12Matthew Neenan
Solo for Sy8.6.12Jill Johnson
Fall Falls8.6.12Brian Brooks
Varone Variation – Lamentation Variations Project8.6.12Doug Varone
3 Movements and 4 Repeats8.6.12Christopher Wheeldon
Tango Trio8.3.13Analia Centruion, Herman Cornejo, Gabriel Missé, Damian Woetzel
Sunshine8.2.13Larry Keigwin
Entanglement8.2.13Brian Brooks
Les Hommes De La Legande8.2.13Lil Buck, Ron Myles, Ringmaster Nugget, Keviorr Taylor
Canvas8.2.13Larry Keigwin
All Will Be Still8.3.13Fang-Yi Sheu
Partita 8.3.13Lil Buck & Damian Woetzel
Anywhere On the Road8.5.13Ron Myles & Fang-Yi Sheu
American Dreamer 8.5.13Paul Taylor
Street Scenes8.1.14Damian Woetzel & Artists
Unrepeatable 8.1.14Fang-Yi Sheu
Tabla-Ture8.2.14Damian Woetzel & Lil Buck
Counterpoint8.4.14Brian Brooks
Talk to Her8.4.14Fang Yi-Sheu
1X1 8.4.14Fang-Yi Sheu & Shantala Shivalingappa
Memphis Born8.4.14Lil Buck, Ron Myles, Keviorr Taylor
Pheromones8.4.14Fang-Yi Sheu
Blooming8.4.14Shantala Shivalingappa & Lil Buck
Increasing8.4.14Matthew Neenan
Dig the Say8.4.15Lil Buck, Ron Myles, Damian Woetzel
Day for Night for Vail8.4.15Pam Tanowitz
Desire Liar8.4.15Silas Reiner & Rashaun Mitchell
Show Me8.4.15Matthew Neenan
Migration8.4.15Fang-Yi Sheu
Easy Win8.4.15John Heginbotham
L.O.V.E.8.7.15Alejandro Cerrudo
Time it was8.7.15Bill Irwin, Tiler Peck, Damian Woetzel
Y Dance8.7.15Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener
Vail Dance Jam 20167.30.16Lil Buck, Shantala Shivalingappa, Ron Myles,
“Audacious Adi” Malcolm, Damian Woetzel
Universe8.5.16Gabriel Missé & Carla Espinoza
Lessons in Tradition8.5.16Michelle Dorrance & Bill Irwin
Milongon8.6.16Herman Cornejo
Zapateado8.6.16Valeriano Paños & Rafael Estévez by Damian Woetzel & Michelle Dorrance
Romance Study #48.8.16Silas Riener + Rashaun Mitchell
Liquid Velvet8.8.16Jodie Gates
Jodi Kate ravel8.8.16Jodi Melnick
Solitaire8.8.16Claudia Schreier
Blooming II8.8.16Lil Buck & Shantala Shivalingappa
Credo8.8.16Matthew Neenan
Post Performance8.13.16James Whiteside
Wait 8.13.16Lil Buck & Ron Myles
Farewell8.5.17Matthew Neenan
Tranquil Night, Bright and Infinite8.7.17Claudia Schreier
Solo for Patricia8.7.17Pam Tanowitz
Entr’acte8.7.17Pam Tanowitz
Angles of the Get-Through8.7.17Lauren Lovette
we seem to be more than one8.7.17Michelle Dorrance, Dario Natarelli & Dancers
Lamentation Variation8.7.17Lil Buck
Praedicere7.29.18Michelle Dorrance & American Ballet Theatre
They Try To Tell Us8.4.18Michelle Dorrance & Justin Peck
381098.4.18Lil Buck with original score by Caroline Shaw
Ascending Bird8.5.18Lil Buck, Michelle Dorrance, Ron Myles, Naomi Funaki, Dario Natarelli & Phyouture
Papillons8.6.18Lauren Lovette
Lincoln Square8.6.18Tiler Peck
3body8.6.18Silas Riener + Rashaun Mitchell
Contra8.6.18Claudia Schreier
Ex Pluribus One8.6.18Michelle Dorrance
Express8.6.18Lil Buck with BalletX
New American Romance7.27.19Choreography: James Whiteside, Music: Claude Debussy
Fandango – restaged for Roman Mejia8.2.19Choreography: Alexei Ratmanksy, Music: Luigi Boccherini
The Personal Element8.3.19Choreography: Alonzo King, Music Composed by Jason Moran
Once More With Feeling8.5.19Choreography: Pam Tanowitz, Music: Caroline Shaw
Thousandth Orange8.5.19Choreography: Tiler Peck, Music: Caroline Shaw
If You’re Gonna Build A Body, Start With The Bones8.5.19Choreography: Lauren Lovette, Music: Kate Davis, Alexander Foote, Cameron Macintosh, Maurice Ravel
When We Know8.5.19Choreography: Lil Buck, Michelle Dorrance, Naomi Funaki, Catherine Hurlin, Ron Myles, Dario Natarelli, Phyouture, Cory Stearns, Devon Teuscher, James Whiteside, Music: Caroline Shaw



In Damian Woetzel’s tenth year as Artistic Director of the Vail Dance Festival, New York’s City Center presented three programs and an UpClose performance channeling the spirit of our acclaimed summer dance event in the Rocky Mountains. The event included Sara Mearns performing Ratmansky’s Fandago, hailed by The New York Times as the dance of 2016: “And in November, the illustrious Sara Mearns danced the New York premiere of Mr. Ratmansky’s ballerina solo “Fandango” (created for Wendy Whelan in 2010 at the Vail International Dance Festival, to Boccherini music). Ms. Mearns blazed; her musicality electrified. If I had to choose one 2016 performance by one dancer, this would be the one.” — Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times. Read the review here


Thursday | Nov. 3, 2016 | 8pm

Herman Cornejo, Tiler Peck, Isabella Boylston, and Misa Kuranaga

(Dorrance/Toogood/Lil Buck/Fairchild)
Michelle Dorrance, Melissa Toogood, Lil Buck, and Robert Fairchild

Sara Mearns

This Bitter Earth
Isabella Boylston and Calvin Royal III, with Kate Davis (vocals)

Carla Körbes

Divertimento Brillante
Tiler Peck and Joseph Gordon

Lil Buck @ City Center: A Jookin’ Jam Session
(various composers/Lil Buck and others)
Lil Buck, Yo-Yo Ma, and other artists


Friday | Nov. 4, 2016 | 8pm

Robert Fairchild, Tiler Peck, Isabella Boylston, and Devon Teuscher

Leaves are Fading
Tiler Peck and Cory Stearns

Carla Körbes

Sara Mearns

Lil Buck @ City Center: A Jookin’ Jam Session
(various composers/Lil Buck and others)
Lil Buck and other artists


Saturday | Nov. 5, 2016 | 8pm

Keigwin + Company

Ife / My Heart  
(Rucker/R. Brown)
Matthew Rushing

Anywhere on This Road
Fang-Yi Sheu and Ron “Prime Tyme” Myles

Suite from Mazurkas
Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild

First Fall
Wendy Whelan and Brian Brooks

Liquid Velvet
Carla Körbes and Jared Angle

This Bitter Earth
Isabella Boylston and Calvin Royal III, with Kate Davis (vocals)

(Das/Lil Buck/Woetzel)
Lil Buck and Sandeep Das

Divertissement Pas de Deux from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Tiler Peck and Jared Angle

Switch Phase


Sunday | Nov. 6, 2016 | 3pm

UpClose: Footwork
In this performance event, Damian Woetzel coaches dancers and deconstruct their work onstage in front of the audience while providing musical and choreographic context. Joining Woetzel to illustrate the sophistication of footwork in a wide variety of genres are Lil Buck, Carla Espinoza, Robert Fairchild, Carla Körbes, Gabriel Missé, Tiler Peck, Matthew Rushing,Fang-Yi Sheu, and others.

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